Friday 27 March 2015

Pinup Girl Ellory Bag: Pattern Test

I was contacted by Sarah from a couple of weeks ago to see if I wanted to participate in some bag testing.

I should have said no, because I have a lot of commissions to get through, and I know from the last pattern test from Sarah that her designs are wonderful, but fairly advanced.

I couldn't say no though. When I saw her test bag, I just really really wanted to give it a go. Its very bowling bag style i.e. a bit retro, a great roomy size, with three pockets.

This is a downloadable pattern. You do have to tape quite a few bits of paper together, then cut out the pattern pieces. If you aren't a big fan of doing that, then this is the worst bit (it was for me)

After that, it was relatively plain sailing. Sarahs patterns are clear and she provides checkboxes to tick off what you've done as you go!

I bought the fabric yonks ago - my first bag sale on Etsy was in this fabric ( it wasn't very good - see below - I didn't take fabric placement into consideration at all, but I'm improving all the time!)

I figured it needed using up. Plus the retro styling called for some retro fabric.

There are 3 pockets on this bag - one large inner pocket, and the sides also zip away to reveal pockets. Its roomy and perfect for a day out as you can fit a picnic in there! I added some D-rings on the side to add a shoulder strap if its needed.

Used a little gingham on the inside pocket to carry on that retro feel. Piping - who doesn't love piping? I'm fairly confident with adding this now, although it often takes a few passes of the needle to get it right!

This is quite a time consuming project. Slow and steady wins the race!

Which is the front and which is the back? Either or. Totally interchangeable!

Overall I'm moderately happy with my work this time. Its not as neat as I'd like because I didn't do the side pocket zips properly ( I folded the ends over - don't do that - just overlap them), so I won't be selling it as I hate to sell something not perfect. Its adorable though and I love it. 

As I said previously, Sarahs patterns are clear and well written. This is an advanced bag design, but a beginner can do it as long as they take it slow. 

The pattern is available from her site or from craftsy


  1. Your bag is lovely.Mine is still in pieces. I will get it done one of these days.

  2. Your bag is lovely.Mine is still in pieces. I will get it done one of these days.