Saturday, 21 March 2015

Plus Size Fashion : Scarlet & Jo (Evans) Part II

I'm doing a little update, because I had to return all my Scarlett & Jo purchases (because some didn't suit me, and because they were all too big)
I did receive some comments about the sizing from Gifi Fields on my last post. The guidance on the Evans website did indicate that using my measurements (42-37.5-48) I should choose an 18, but I'm clearly not an S&J 18. My boobs are apparently bigger than I thought they were (38DD) but not big enough to fill an S&J size 18 dress.
He did explain that the sizing is graded down from a 24 (for standard size clothing, they tend to grade 'up' from smaller sizes) and this probably accounts for the generosity.

I just got my fan dress back in a 16, and I'm happy to say its perfect. I just needed the right size. (actually I need the right underwear too which is not what I've got on here) I could wear this to work, but I could wear it on an evening out as well with the right accessories. Probably not leggings like I'm wearing here...

I also wanted to show you one of my most favourite dresses, which I bought from Dotty Ps a couple of years back. This is a Blossom & Billie dress (Gifi Fields also collaborated on that collection) and whilst I don't normally wear tight dresses, this one is an exception. I love this dress so much. Slippers really don't show it off!
Does that pattern look familiar?!!

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