Sunday, 14 April 2013

The tedious part of dressmaking

Today I thought I'd sort out the pattern for the swing dress I bought from Sense and Sensibility

I have never downloaded a dress pattern before, but it was cheaper and more convenient.

Now I understand why its cheaper.

It involves printing out 'tiles' (there are two pattern sheets - and each produced 20 tiles) then trimming those tiles and matching the patterns, and sellotaping together. It took ages.
IMAG3742  Trying to match up each A4 'tile'

After finishing both sheets, I decided I couldnt face cutting the patterns out in my size (there are different lines for sizes 8 to 26) in case I need the pattern again in the future and might be a different size (wishful thinking - I may shrink!)
IMAG3743 Sheet #1 completed.

So I finally made use of the  pattern tracing paper I bought on a whim at Lidl ages back - traced the whole thing but just my size.  Then I had to cut those out.

Next step - actually cut out the fabric. Will have to wait until Wednesday if I can distract Noah with some TV for a bit!

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