Monday, 22 April 2013

Made a start on the swing dress. Still not finished the tiger trousers.

Time is so lacking. I have the longest To Do list ever, but in the midst of that I still want to try to get some sewing done. So last night I made a start on the swing dress. Which means I got the fabric cut out. This I generally find is quite therapeutic (as long as its not silky material!) as the scissors make a nice crunchy noise on cotton fabric, however I bloody hate cutting out those little markers.


I also unpicked Noahs trousers and started again. Not quite from scratch. I am a rusher. And in my tendency to rush, I don't do it as neatly as I want it. This bothers me for some time until I then have to undo it and start again. So that is what I have done. Waistband unpicked and elastic removed, and both waistband and cuffs now tacked and ready for machine sewing. I should have tacked in the first place. Anyway, next time I post about them they should be finished and modelled  by the boy.


And also a second series of the Great British Sewing Bee has been commissioned. Yey!

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