Monday, 15 April 2013

In which I accidently buy more fabric...

I must not buy more fabric. I must use what i have before I buy more ...and repeat.

The nightfox jersey is my latest purchase. I couldn't help it guv - the shipping was free and all!

Its the cheap this stuff, not cheap at all, but actually when you work out what what you can make with it, its cheaper than buying a full price pair of trousers from a supermarket (will get to that) I just love the scandinavian and german jersey fabrics. They are gorgeous.

So the dinosaur fabric (below) has already been sewn up (see my 'Sewing' page) into comfy trousers for Noah.

This tiger fabric is in the queue for sewing too. I don't think I'll do a waistband for these, just elasticated waist and cuffs for summer.

So then we get to the reason for purchase. This is Noah. He is three :


Noah likes to wear many things when he's out and about, but bog standard trousers are not included.

He hates trousers. He went through a long period of refusing to change out of his pyjama bottoms (we still have trouble with that) and so I had to find something that looked like pyjama bottoms but were in fact, not.

Polarn o Pyret leggings were a godsend. Lovely bright stripes and a soft velour fabric, he has worn these all winter (and boy that winter has been long).

I stocked up in the sales and he wears them in rotation in three different colourways. He will also wear lightweight fleecy jogging bottoms so he has a few of those too. But its warming up outside, so we need summer casual bottoms.

                                                                 Noah in his polarn leggings



I decided we'd have some a bit like the polarn ones, but in nice cotton jersey, keeping the cuffs as they mean the child can wear them for longer as they don't hang over the feet.

The jersey fabric is generally about £20 a metre - expensive no? - but the quality is excellent - and at the moment half a metre is enough (sort of - see below) to make a pair of trousers plus either shorts, couple of pants, or a t-shirt. Which makes it not so bad.

After I ordered the fabric (half metre) I then realised that he was too tall to just elasticate the waistband, so had to add a waistband as well as cuffs.

Noah wearing his dinosaur comfy trousers, with friend Lucas (who happens to be half swedish, although his cute little scandi t-shirt is hidden by his jacket)

My next battle is to get Noah out of his Splats wellies which are the only things he has worn on his feet for the last four months (not counting socks!), and into his shoes. Tried and failed to do that this morning.

Luckily, my eldest Joey, who is 6, doesn't give a monkeys about what he wears. So he lives in what ever I can locate in his drawers that day!

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