Tuesday, 16 April 2013

On the back burner

I have two patterns I'm supposed to be tackling at the moment.Again both modern forties style - I love that look.

The first is New Look 6089 (the option which is shown in green)

I wanted to do this in plain black, and came across just the right amount in the Cath Kidston outlet which is over the road from where I work (its that, Tesco or B&Q for my lunchtime shopping excursions) which was on offer for a tenner. 'Meant to be', I thought. And bought.

The fabric itself was a mistake, but having not sewed with it before I didn't realise until I started. Its really slippy - some sort of silky stuff - and stretches all over the place. The gathers that were supposed to be on the front of the bodice at bra strap height have disappeared. It makes me look like Mr Puffy on a bad day. So I havent got the sleeves on yet and I'm considering scrapping it and trying to rescue the fabric.

I also think I may try this again, but in black jersey, possibly with a pattern but I'm not sure.

Because I'm now preoccupied with my green swing dress, however, it will have to wait.


The other dress I want to do is this one. New Look 6183. Its not so dissimilar to 6089 - its that version in yellow that I'm after - some sort of small floral print I expect (actually I really like that yellow). I like the neckline on it.


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