Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Present Purchasing

It was Tanja's 40th on Friday (surprise partay - yey!) and I was the one organising the joint gift(s)

I love shopping - so this wasn't a particular hardship.

I decided the way to go was to buy her some lovely 'forever' jewellery, and then something a bit more wacky.

The necklace I chose was this dragonfly by Emma Ginnever. We (we - the gals - moi, Lucy, Alice, Jess, Pauline and Sonya) all agreed from the selection I suggested, that this was the most gorgeous and just right for her.

emma ginniver dragonfly 78

I also decided that she should have these Iron Fist Indecent obsession shoes and bag. A bit (ahem) OTT. But I know she was eyeing them up on the Blue Banana website after I went a bit mad in the sale and bought four pairs of shoes.

Whether or not she ever wears them further than her local (two doors down quite conveniently) or not, I don't know, but she'll have fun teetering!

bag       idecent obesssion


  1. They're all gorgeous. I have worn the necklace lots already (well. as lots as is possible in the space of 2 weeks), same with the handbag. The shoes I have tottered in to the local once but I am definitely wearing them again soon and not just around the house. They accessorise brilliantly with both the vacuum cleaner and washing up gloves xxx