Monday, 29 April 2013

Been buying again. Fabric and Handbags. Which is almost as good a shoes ;)


So, in the aftermath of my selling the packabe bag successfully, I decided I could finally place my order with U-Handbag. I have two bags in mind, one as I've mentioned in a previous post is the Graceful kelly bag, which I intend to use my bargain Cath Kidston fabric for. This has been on the back-burner for a bit, and remain so, because it has been pipped to next in line by the puppytooth bag I intend to make, to match my Poetic Licence Shoes (see below)

regency puppy toothThe fabric I've chosen is this puppy tooth stuff from Regency Rags (for no other reason other than I'm hoping it will match the trim on the shoes) I'll be using the Betty Bag pattern for this. Any lining/trim on the bag will have to be in a similar blue to the ribbon on the shoe (midnight blue? navy blue? royal blue? I'm not sure) but in my head, I'll be leaving the outside plain, possibly with a tiny bow or something. Not sure yet. I don't want the bag to HAVE to go with the shoes, hence possibly leaving the outside plain. IMAG3794

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