Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The drawbacks and benefits of working v. near the Cath Kidston Outlet...

The drawbacks are obvious. I spend lots of money on things I probably wouldn't even think about if the shop wasn't RIGHT THERE and I have very else to do on my lunchbreak. I just bought this to keep my phone in. Yes I could probably make one. But this was the last of its particular kind in store - and we all know that THAT IS A SIGN. That I should have it, I mean. So I bought it.


The benefits: well they do occasionally have some amazing bargains - and CK stuff makes great pressies. I bought some bags recently that I'm stashing for such use, and they were down from about £45 to a tenner merely because they had a musty smell. That is what febreeze is for!


I also got a metre of this recently for a fiver - down from £35pm. Its sort of velvetty. I want to make a graceful kelly bag with it.


Then of course theres my polka wellies. Down to ten pounds. We all need wellies!

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