Thursday, 18 April 2013

I didn't get spendy yesterday, unless you count the bowling session

I thought I'd try bowling yesterday, since Noah has been nagging me ever since we met up with Amanda for soft play at Strikes.

Its so expensive I'm reluctant for the whole family to go, but the new Basement Lanes has just opened, and they have a Little Pins session with free shoe hire and endless games (I don't know if this is true, but we left before our session finished and we were there for over an hour) on a Wednesday for £3.50, which includes a hot drink for moi. Not too budget busting.


He wore his dinosaur trousers. And the cutest little bowling shoes (its only been open for a few weeks so all the hire shoes are shiny new)

He also wound the poor bloke who was supervising up no end. Noah is always the one who has to do things like a) attempting to walk on the lanes b) pick up balls way too heavy for him then drop them c) climb on the seats d) try to use the wrong lane/s e) drag the bowling frame all over the place and aim it at places other than the lanes f) throw more than one ball down a lane before other balls have reached destination g) throw ball before skittles have 'refreshed' and the list goes on. Its very hard work keeping a 3 year old in check.

Also I delayed starting my swing dress to start Noahs tiger trousers due to the weather getting a bit better.

They arent finished yet as Joey had a play date and I can't sew and supervise three young boys, but I made a good start and just need to sew the leg cuffs and get the elastic in there now. The fabric is gorgeous. Really soft.

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