Friday, 27 February 2015

Voodoo Vixen Tilly dress (and a little photobomber)

I have quite a few Voodoo Vixen dresses. I will try and post on each with a relatively decent picture, which I can do now I have actually fixed the mirror to the bedroom wall (its only taken me 5 years!)

This is probably the one I wear the most. Its the Tilly dress, which of course is now available in plus sizes. I wear their 1XL (previously 2XL as they changed their sizing) This is pretty much equivalent to a UK 18-20, or a 42-37.5-48 if you want to know my measurements.

When I first got it, I was a bit disappointed. It was a bit gapey, even though I am not particularly well endowed in the chest department (I'm a C cup on a good day). The waist seemed too low and it just didn't fit well. (I am short waisted though, it is worth pointing out)

I thought I'd try to remedy the gape by just sewing up the front (The buttons are not functional as there is a zip up the side, so I'm not entirely sure why it needs to open at the front)

Bingo! Perfect fit. That was all it needed - 5 minutes of hand sewing the left side of the dress to the right side. No more gape and it seems to have made it fit better at the waist. Hurrah!

So sometimes I wear a belt. Others not. Also some days I bother to brush my hair. Clearly that has not happened here...

The great thing about VV dresses, is the fabric. You don't always get this in the repro-vintage market. Some brands use really cheap fabric and you can feel it.
The quality of Tilly is excellent - what you get is a stretch cotton that is moderately weighty, so it feels like its supporting you. I always feel modestly covered in a VV dress - nothing is hanging out or about to escape. They also tend to have matching cardis if you feel so inclined.

I did try to take a couple of selfies, but Noah was determined to get in on the action LOL

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