Friday, 20 February 2015

Happy Birthday Holly!

Its half term at the moment, so I haven't got much time to fit in sewing, but I did manage one thing!

I have three gorgeous nieces (two from my sister in law, and one from my sister), and I made this after my sis saw this fabric I posted and said Holls would love it (if you recall I purloined it from the Voodoo Vixen stand at London Edge - they were using it to cover the bar)

I needed a quick sew, so I opted to try this Mabel bag - a vintage style free pattern by Swoon. 

I'm not going to lie - it uses a very stiff stabilser and getting it through my machine was hard work, but I really love the outcome (yes the front is slightly wonky - lets overlook that for now)

Apparently there is one nine year old that loves it too!

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