Tuesday, 3 February 2015

London Edge - Voodoo Vixen Team - no craft to report!

On Sunday I was invited by Voodoo Vixen to promote their clothing by basically walking around in one of their beautiful dresses and handing out flyers. Hardly going to say no was I!

I did this back in September 2014 with Helen (middle left) and Sarah (middle right) and it was great fun. This time we were joined by the gorgeous Sarah K (far left) who is such a sweetheart. 

I hadn't yet had my hair or face done in this photo!!

Also at London Edge representing VV were a vast number of bloggers who had been invited as VIPs to the day and evening events.
Met lots of lovely girls having a wonderful time. Everyone got a free frock and their hair and make up done. Seriously the MUAs and hair team did not stop all day!

See that fabric covering the 'bar'. I blagged that. Had my eye on it for about a year since I saw it in the VV office. It will become a pencil skirt and some bags. Thank you soooo much gals :)

I took my Vivian panda handbag for me, and spotted lovely Frenchie L'amour at the Pinup Academy stall, wearing a matching dress by Victory Parade.

 asked her for a quick photo with my bag. Does she not look adorable?! I did hand out a few business cards for She Wears Red Feathers whilst I was there :)

The team had laid on two old style London buses to get everyone from Olympia to the Gem Bar in Soho for the aftershow party. Awesome way to travel. 

The Voodoo Vixen team on the bus...

...and in full party swing. We are all wearing Voodoo Vixen dresses available in sizes up to 4XL. And yes, you can see my underwear. Good job its nude coloured! I am also now a pink frock convert.

Awesome day had by all. Free bar so you can imagine the state of my old bones on Monday. I did take the day off work, obviously! Back to normality now - I may even get some sewing done this week!

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