Monday, 23 February 2015

On the subject And dodgy toes.

**WARNING** if you don't like to see peoples toes and minor injuries, don't scroll down!!

So. Shoes. I haven't really posted about shoes before, which is frankly a bit strange, since I'm a bit of a shoe addict. I think its probably because I'm a secret hoarder. Well I'm bringing it out into the open now!

In recent weeks I seem to have bought a few pairs. I have probably omitted some because, yes, I actually forget what I've bought.

This first pair are some cute Rocket Dog slingbacks I got on ebay. They are very nearly new. And they are not all that comfy. Bah! The fabric at the front is quite stiff, and you can feel the layers they've used for the lacing insert. I may just have to re-list these.

Comfort is a bit of an issue these days. After an unfortunate getting-my-foot-caught-in-bike pedal trauma injury to my big toe, I now have arthritis. My left big toe not only causes me ongoing pain, but the middle joint doesn't bend any more. Luckily it doesn't really need to - I just have to be careful what I wear.

I sold a LOT of my shoes after the doctor advised me not to wear heels (many Iron Fist beauties included) but I decided that as long as they were comfy enough, I would wear heels on occasion, because I'm not dead yet...

So on the subject of too-high-heels, I succumbed to these Miss L Fire wedges recently. It was very bad of me. I just loved the vintagey styling, and the fact that they are black means that I can pair them with bright dresses. 
They are:
a) too expensive (although I got them on sale they were still twice my budget)
b) too high
Sometimes though, you just have to go with it. They are very comfy for the height, and wide enough for me, but I paid the price after dancing around in these all night...

...Evidence of dodgy dancing - someone actually got us on you tube...

Heels induced injury #1 - broken toe nail. This is going to take FOREVER to grow out.

Heel induced injury #2 - bruised nail. This is also going to take FOREVER to grow out. I am praying that the nail stays on but I think it will. This is my toe-of-pain so I didn't notice the bruising until I took off my nail varnish because that toe always throbs a bit anyway. Hmm.

I digress. Lets move on to SENSIBLE footwear. Last year, I bought some rocket dog jazzin' pumps which I loooove. I wore them all summer because they looked cute with all my pretty summer dresses, and my feet were comfy. Nice and wide they are. Nice and filthy now too. 

When Rocket dog had a sale recently therefore, I couldn't help it. I bought them in leopard. The downside is that they probably won't go with my dresses. Ah well never mind! Will just wear with plain jeans and trousers. 

I have always been a fan of fitflop. Not for the toning nonsense. I don't believe any of that for a nanosecond, but because of the comfort factor. 

They are smashing for just slipping on and heading out. I am a massive fan of them. These were in the sale at Shoetique. So I bought - because they were £30 and that's not a bad price for fitflops. 

We're off to Menorca in August, and I will probably just take these and my rubber crocs (pic below fitflops) which I bought last year in the sale and which are also incredibly comfortable and weigh nothing. 

Finally. We go back into not-very-sensible territory. 

Its my mother in laws wedding in August. I saw these Irregular Choice heels on ebay and decided they would be mine. Bid on them. Forgot about it. Won.  
I have owned Irregular Choice (and Poetic Licence) shoes in the past, and in general, I have to say that they are amazing, but not comfortable. There is generally no/minimal padding on the ball of the foot area and they are constructed in very 'hard' materials. However they are usually wide enough for my feet to fit (my feet are fairly standard sized but I go for an 'E' fitting if availalbe)

My intention is to get or make a violet/purple dress to go with, and make a matching bag with similar accents (gold piping, purple and ivory flowers).
The best feature is the heels. I love these heels. I did think the shoes were green when I bought them (the picture on ebay made them look green - see bottom pic) but they aren't. They are a straw colour. That's fine. I can live with that!
They are too high for me to wear for any prolonged period comfortably. I know this already. Bit I will take the flipflops with me and change. Because I'm wearing these and I don't care!!


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  1. You should check out After breaking my foot I found that I had problems with wearing heels as well. Then I found out about Dansko. They have some really cute shoes and they are sooooo comfy. The outlet website sells their irregulars at 50% reduced prices. My foot pains are gone!