Thursday, 28 August 2014

Fabulous Forty!!

This year has been a year of new things, challenges and opportunities. My very last year in my thirties. Today I am 40. Wow. How did that happen?!

I'm pretty blessed frankly. I have a lovely family, a nice home, and I live in a beautiful place.

The list of things I've done this year were all for me. So I very self indulgently will pop them here. So I can look back and see what a great year it was.

No photos as I am currently (hopefully) sunning myself in Italy. Wahoo!
  • Back in January, I was one of three women to win the Voodoo Vixen plus size model competition. At the time I thought it was purely to do Fit modelling, so I went down to London a couple of times to help them size their dresses.
  • Neon Moon Vintage Ball. I've never been to an event like this one before. I spent a long time making my dress, and getting all dolled up to go with my lovely friend Nic. We had a ball. At the ball. :)
  • Photoshoot - before I found out I'd won the VV competition, I thought I'd book a cheap photoshoot from Groupon. The makeover was a bit of a shambles, but the shoot was great fun. 
  • Driving Challenge - spent the day driving EXTREMELY large vehicles with Anna, for charity. Brilliant fun.
  • Hell Bunny Hello Dolly Competition - I won this competition by making some outfits in the Hell Bunny style. First competition I've won for an actual contribution (rather than just a name out of a hat!) Got me a lovely dress.
  • Won spring sling bag pattern from Emmaline bags.
  • Won a family ticket to a play in Cambridge. Which frankly was not much cop and we left before the end. But still. I won it!
  • Weekend away from children - I have only ever spent one night away at a time from my kids, unless you count when I had to take just one of them with me when my dad was ill. Next month, I will be at Centreparcs for an ENTIRE weekend. With my friends. I am very looking forward to it! Hubby not quite so much.
  • Became a pattern tester - tested my first bag for Cozy Nest Designs. Loved the experience
  • Named the 'Beau Pair' for U-Handbag
  • Bought fabric on Goldhawk Lane - I know its a small one, but I've never had that experience before - where I live there aren't places like this.
  • Craftseller #Make of the Week contest - came second with my Betty Bowler in August.
  • Started my business - bit the bullet and started up my shop SheWearsRedFeathers. Its not particularly active, but it ticks over. I love that I've rtaken up sewing again. It makes me so happy.
  • Modelled for Voodoo Vixen - see further up - I hadn't really realised when I won that we would be part of the campaign. I never imagined that at my size, at my age, with my mug, I'd end up modelling. Blimey!
  • Attending opening of a new fabric shop Fabritastic - lovely little event - again something I've not done before
  • Did a sewlong - with ByHandLondon - first time for everything. I didn't win. It doesn't matter!
  • Womans Hour - My dulcet tones were on Womans Hour last month, bigging up the out of school care at my sons school. Took me totally by surprise as I was hijacked by the reporter at the door.
  • Got to go abroad. In fact as you read this I will be hopefully having a wonderful time in Lake Garda, Italy. I nagged and nagged John as we haven't been abroad since I came back from Oz with Joey in my belly. 
  • Got to increase my hours at work (and therefore bring in a bit more dosh). Come September, my 'baby' will be starting school. This means the end of my part time hours, although I won't be working full days as I still want to be able to collect them both from school two days of the week. My lovely boss has agreed to be flexible and let me come in late and leave early on those two days to fit in with school hours. 

What I didn't get to do - but never mind - see Kate Bush in concert :(

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