Monday, 4 August 2014

Betty Bowler, Water, Sand, Cake and sunshine!

The summer holidays have definately started! Ok they started a while back, but for those of us with day jobs it generally doesn't make too much difference. However when I do get days off, I've been taking the boys to some of the amazing locations we have nearby. Cambridgeshire really does have some fantastic places to visit. I must write up a list at some point...

Firstly though, just an update on sewing - I've been trying to move forward with my Betty Bowler bag. Its time consuming, but I'm hoping to finish it this week. Here's a snap of the front. Two pockets - zip and heart. Slight deviation from the original pattern with the hearts (one on the back too) but I really wanted to use that pom pom trim again. Handles went on last night but no shot of that yet. I'm quite excited to see how this one turns out.

I've also been working on the bodice of my hawaiian sarong dress. I don't know why I haven't taken a photo yet. Probably because its not been going swimmingly and I've put it to one side. Will go back to it when I'm less irritated!

Family shots: me and the boy (the bigger boy that is - Joey)

Noah at Papworth paddling pool (just up the road from us - fantastic fun in summer)

Joey at Stanwick Lakes (about 25 minutes away, but free and fantastic fun)

Noah and his very brightly coloured Victoria sponge (with extra icing on top). Tasted better than it looks (although Noah would disagree as he thinks it looks FANTASTIC)

Hinchingbrooke House held a WW1 commemoration day yesterday. Lots of fun - renenactments, vintage bikes, horse and cart rides. And FREE! 

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