Monday, 18 August 2014

Craftseller Win, Hibiscus bag, Lighthouse dress and enormous salads

This weeks news:

Voodoo Vixen are trickling out publicity shots for the new plus size range. Talk about teasing! Someone on Facebook spotted this shot this morning and let me know (that's me on the left!)

I came second in the Craftseller Make of the Week competiton for my Love Leopard bag. You don't win anything. You just get to bask in the glory LOL!]

I made a bag. This is for my early 40th celebrations on Friday. I embellished the front with a strip of the lining fabric, and some covered buttons, but I don't really like it, so I'll probably hold it with 'plain' side showing!

I've just realised it looks quite lopsided on the photo below - it is just the way its hanging, honest :)

Noah started to sew. Here he is making a skirt for his dolly. What he lacks in skills me makes up for in enthusiasm!

I took Joey to Pizza Express. I thought I'd be 'healthy' (lets discount those dough balls) and ordered a salad. Bl**dy H*ll it was enormous. I ate it all of course! 

Took the boys to Hinchingbrooke Park on Sunday. They played together really well. Its rare, but very welcome when that happens.

I bought a sewing magazine. I do try to avoid doing this unless they have a useful freebie, because I am unable to throw them away afterwards, and they end up cluttering up my already cluttered house. I had to try this Simple Sew pattern though.... make this Ruby dresss. Note this is unfinished. Needs extra darts, a zip and hemming. I made a  few alterations including:

  • neckline drop. I just couldnt bear it across my windpipe so I lowered it by an inch. It doesn't look quite right but at least I'll be able to wear it
  • half an inch on all bodice side seams. Because I am fatter than their size 18.
  • extra dart to compensate for gaping armholes (first pic) 
  • four extra inches on the bottom to take it to my knees. I don't like them on display much.
  • pattern placement - I only had a 44" wide fabric and this pattern requires 60". Not really an issue as I just seamed the front skirt instead of having it on the fold. I also used most of my 4 metres of fabric because of the width issue.

I will post on the dress again once its finished. I already know I don't really love the bodice shape, but I do love the skirt, which I think I will match with the ByHandLondon Flora bodice next time as I prefer it to their skirt. Nothing like a bit of pattern hacking!

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