Thursday, 7 August 2014

Betty Bowler complete!

A post dedicated to one topic only this week: my Betty Bowler (Swoon Patterns), which I have named 'Love Leopard'

I really love most of the Swoon Patterns. Theres just something about the shape which is aesthetically pleasing to me. Maybe its the proportions. I dunno. I just like them  :)

I knew I wanted a bowling bag, so this was the pattern I chose. Instead of stripes down the front, I decided to have a little heart detail instead. Then I went one further and decided it would be a kind of patch pocket (and then I decided I had to have one on the back too) 

The pockets are big enough to fit a phone or a travel card wallet. 
There's also a zipped pocket on the front, which is where I'd stash my keys.

Overall this came together well, although I won't say it wasn't hard work - it was. The bit I hate about making stuff is cutting out fabric. I just really don't enjoy that. Its so tedious. And it needs ironing. And. Yeugh!

But I think it was all worth it. Piping is my favourite trim and of course its used in this pattern.

I also added a little zipper pull as its so tiny (the zip that is) You can't really tell from the pic - I just used a mini lobster clasp then added some charms. Ideally it would have been silver to match the other hardware, but I didn't have any. TBH I wish I'd used bronze hardware, but its way too late now!

I'm so thrilled I got to the end of this. The hardest part was trying to sew the external parts together as the layers were quite thick. My trusty machine handled it though!

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