Friday, 11 July 2014

Hell Bunny, Womens Hour, Wedding Bag and various outdoor events

I'm so busy at the moment, its all a bit crazy with end of term approaching and Noahs last days of nursery.

Firstly, my prize from Hell Bunny finally arrived. If you recall, I won the Hello Dolly Competition (see page 31 and my prize was a dress of my choosing from this seasons catalogue.

I chose the souvenir dress, because it was so cute and quirky, and also because I wanted something quite modest for my hols.

I had to do some adjusting. Major tedium. I am short waisted and I had to remove two inches from the shoulder seams, because it was saggy in the neck region, sat two low on my waist, and you could see my bra strap at the back.

Unfortunately this of course meant that the underarms were raised and are therefore now a bit tight. I haven't got the patience at the mo to adjust this and I can live with it, but at some point I need to think about snipping away at the armholes.

I do absolutely love it though.

They held a nursery garden party at Ducklings to say a farewell to the school leavers. This is Noah getting his certificate (and his duck!).

It was the St Annes Sports Day. Joey did really well - here he is pulling faces with Bobby. Joeys is fourth from the left. He earned 10 housepoints for his efforts :)

It was the biggest weekend of the year in our small town - Godmanchester Gala Weekend (Joey sang in the school choir, but I couldn't get a photo of him)

WW1 poster for Joeys school project. 
I have already researched my family tree, so we picked some relatives and decided to do a piece about what they would have been up to during WW1, mostly assumption and guesswork I hasten to add.  I can only track back through one side, as my mothers side is Thai and I have no contact and therefore no information about that. 
My great-grandfather Peter was a labourer at a foundry works in the Middlesbrough region, so we decided that he must have stayed on the home front during the war and possibly made munitions. His brother James, going by the only family photograph I have of the Robertsons, was a policeman. So we decided that he probably stayed on the home front too, doing policemanly duties.

Noahs last day at Littlefoot Toddler Group. I've been taking the boys to this group at the local baptist church every term-time Wednesday for years. Its quite sad to reach the end of an era.

Plus I was on Radio 4 Womans hour! Talking about out of school care. Don't ask my why they picked our school - I have no idea - I was accosted at the door when dropping off Joey and had no warning. The journalist shoved a mike in my face and started grilling me!

Listen here

I'm on at just before 12 minutes.

I also wanted to share this. The lovely Emma got married earlier this month. Her bag (shown in pic) was one she commissioned from me (SheWearsRedFeathers) a while back. Doesn't she look stunning!

So you see its all been a bit busy. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

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