Friday, 18 July 2014

A day trip to London (Fit Modelling & Goldhawk Lane fabric binge)

As posted back in Jan this year, I was chosen as one of the three plus size models for the upcoming Voodoo Vixen plus size range, and so on Tuesday I travelled into London for a 2nd dress fitting session. I was only in there 20 minutes but I love the dresses they have chosen to upsize and I am soooo hoping they let me have one after the shoot! I didn't get to see the other girls Sarah and Helen this time sadly as we couldn't make the same date, but will at the shoot which will hopefully be scheduled quite soon. I wore my Hell Bunny Souvenir dress which I won in the Hello Dolly competition. Is it good to wear a rival brands dress to a fitting session? Well why not. Keep them on their toes :)

Of course as I was only there for 20 minutes, that left me a fair bit of time to indulge in some fabric shopping. I hopped on the tube and headed for Shepherds Bush market, and Goldhawk Road - the fabric lovers mecca.

It was all a bit overwhelming frankly. Like a kid in a sweetshop, I was almost unable to choose anything at all. Then I spotted the Hawaaian fabric I'd been after. The stuff they used for this Hell Bunny dress. 5 metres for £25. Bargain! I probably could have haggled. I think you're probably supposed to, but I didn't. It would cost twice that much on ebay so still happy. 

What I really want to make for my 40th birthday night out dress at Whittlebury Hall, is a hawaiian sarong style dress. Not halter. I love the look of halter, but I don't like the feel of it, and hate wearing halter bras. So I want something a bit like this stop staring dress:

I've decided I'm going to attempt it with my new fabric, as a hybrid of Butterick 5880 (for the skirt) and Vogue 8280 for the bodice (view A)

I may well change my mind before I start it, so we shall see what happens! I also bought some gorgeous red cotton which is crying out to be a sarong dress as well. Its lighter than the hawaiian stuff and will probaby drape better, but I'm not sure I have time to make both. I ended up spending about £75 quid on fabric, which was quite restrained, and I have enough for 3 dresses, and quite a lot of bags!

I should also mention that I'm happy to follow the Curvy Sewing Collective, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. Ladies with curves, who sew! 

I generally don't specifically point out when I'm sewing, what size it is that I'm using. Or at least I don't think I do, because mostly it isn't really relevant. 
I don't have issues finding patterns in my size (I'm a UK 18, however for sewing purposes I'm a 20 or 22 as they are not generous like shop sizes!) However I am always happy to see the outcome of a sewing pattern on someone who is more fuller figured, as I can get a better idea of what something's going to look like on me. I do have to make adjustments on most things I make and alter. 
My arms are chunky and some patterns just don't take this into account when grading. I am short-waisted and always need to chop off a couple of inches around the midriff region. I have a portly stomach which is proportionally bigger than my bust and hips (even though I have a massive arse LOL)
So all tips and advice and suggestions coming from this new site are most welcome.

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