Monday, 21 July 2014

Lancaster Flyover, Scones, Bags, Summer Fete and Beach Party time

Lancaster Flyover

For such a small town, we tend to have quite a lot of events, which is wonderful. There has been a lot of emphasis on the WW1 centenary lately, and a special flyover was arranged over the rec along with a memorial service. I don't have a photo of the Lancaster (well I do but it was rubbish) but it was a great turnout from all the Godmanchester residents. 


Noah was insistent that we make scones after John bought some at the shop (and polished them all off)
Baking with a broken arm - can be a bit messy - I put his waterproof cover on shortly after this photo was taken!

He did a smashing job:

Swoon Bags

I am also mid-sew with this Rosie Crossbody bag from Swoon Patterns. Its described as 'simple' and 'easy' It is in fact quite time intensive and a little bit difficult to understand, but I am persevering as this is one of my favourite Joli Pomme fabrics (bought from a Japanese etsy shop). I'm mixing it up with a black/white puppytooth.

I'm also planning on making the Betty Bowler (honestly I have a To Do list as long as your arm)  This one with a mix of leopard, red and frida fabric. 

When am I going to find the time?! 

I'm trying very very hard just to use my stash at the moment. I failed miserably last week due to my trip to London. However sometimes it just has to be done - there are no fabric shops near me so I usually have to rely on whats available online. 

Summer Fete

More local events: the summer fete, usually held in the vicarage gardens and hosted by Rev. Busk and his gorgeous wife Yoko. This year they made the last minute decision (prompted by weather reports of thunderstorms) to move it into the church. Typically the sun shone throughout the event (so much so actually that it was a bit of a relief to be inside)

As usual, lots of lovely stalls and activities for the children. 

Noahs nursery is located in the church hall, which is also where the cream teas are served :)

Beach Party

And on Sunday - a beach party in Huntingdon town centre! Another scorcher of a day, the boys got straight to it, and made some castles.

They also made themselves into mermaids!

Sew Chic Tia Dress pattern

Finally. I'm supposed to be holding back on purchases, but I couldn't help myself. They're doing a craftsy offer at the moment on the tia dress so I got the pattern and the online tutorial for £12.50. 

I am now thinking I would like to make my hawaiian dress with this bodice. Minus sleeves. Possibly just using straps rather than a full back. I won't know till I get started!

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