Sunday, 29 June 2014

A trip to A & E, and a tropical frock refashion

Yesterday, Noah broke his arm, in a soft play incident involving monkey bars and his brother giving him a slightly too hefty shove. He was incredibly brave and didn't complain once although he was at the hospital for four hours. 

The X-Ray was inconclusive, but the doctors and the specialist agreed that it is probably a fracture in his elbow. Its incredibly hard to tell on four year olds as their bones haven't fused yet, and whilst there was no apparent 'break' it did not look 'right'. 

They get free teddies now which he was extremely pleased about! He also got to watch a bit of 'A bugs life', saw his bones on the x-ray, and told pretty much everyone his 'poorly arm' story :)
He is coping as well as can be expected with the cast.  We will see the fracture clinic in a week to get a second opinion (leave cast on, replace cast, or remove cast)

In the meantime, the poor boy needs to cope with his restricted movement. Not easy for an active pre-schooler. I'm sure he'll be happy to show everyone at nursery though, and at school. (He is having is transition sessions at the mo, ready for school starting in September.)

This is him raring to get to his first session last Wednesday. They don't have to wear uniform, but he insisted!

On the craft front, I finally finished my refashioned tropical jersey sundress.

Last year I bought this maxi dress in a sale, because its really hard to come by tropical prints. At least it was at the time. I had no idea they'd be everywhere this summer! I love tropical prints!

I knew I'd have to pull it apart and start again, because I hated the straps, and the bodice, and I don't wear maxis.

I saw this dress in Dorothy Perkins a few weeks ago. I love it, but I wouldn't let myself buy it because we can't really afford it, so I thought I'd try and refashion the existing dress into something similar.

This is the result. 
This is the inside back pinned and ready to sew.

This is the external front. I think that the bodice looks a bit strange on Kirstie!

...and the back...

...and from the side.

I'm really happy with it and wearing it today. Its comfy and light. Just what I was after!


  1. Poor guy!! I am so impressed with your outfit you made, great job. Stopping by from

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mikaila. Thank you. Have visited your site. That water party looks fabulous!