Tuesday, 24 June 2014

In which I spend a lot of time making loom bands and trying to fit in some sewing...

The boys recently rediscovered the dressing up box. I'm not entirely sure what they dress up as. They are merely using their artistic interpretations of whatever costumes they pick up :)
John and I seem to spend a lot of time picking up random beads/swords/gloves from around the house...

Also. Loom Bands. A great invention. But frustrating my boys quite a lot. They can both do the finger bands. But the loom is proving more problematic. I have therefore being 'helping'. And for 'helping' read 'making' their bands. Its quite therapeutic, but I would rather be sewing!

In more thrilling news in Pottsland ( I don't get out much) I dyed my hair. It didn't really work but their is a faint hint of red (it was supposed to be cherry red) in the sunlight. I am loathe to use lighteners on it, so I think this is the best its going to get. Here I'm wearing my bargain Cath Kidston vintage style dress I picked up from the outlet for 20 quid. BARGAIN I tell you. I shouldn't really go so often, but where I work, theres a lot of tyre shops, a B&Q, and the Cath Kidston outlet. Where would you choose to visit in your lunchbreak?!

We did a few days out. Wicksteed at War was one. The other was simply to visit the beautiful Cow Lane nature reserve, which is 10 minutes walk from our house. The boys really enjoyed hunting for mini-beasts. There are hundreds of blue dragonflies about at the moment. 

And on a crafty note, I have been furiously multi-tasking. The only thing I've finished is this attempt to design a travel case for when we go to Italy. I wanted something to hold the passports and all other documents you need to hand. 
It didn't go terribly well, however I learnt a lot and the next version will be better!
I found working with the clear plastic tricky, but not terrible. I don't have a proper laminate foot so tried to sew only on the cotton and zip side to reduce sticking/slipping.

Problem 1) for some reason I didn't make the external fabric pieces bigger, which mean the clear plastic zipped pockets stick out of the sides. I can't make them smaller (they are designed to fit folded A4) so I will need to make the outside bigger. There was meant to be an outer zip all the way around, but I couldn't make this happen because of this reason, so I just put a velcro flap on. 

 Problem 2) Credit card slots are slightly too wide. Just need to make that whole right band section slightly narrower.

Problem 3) Passport slots also slightly too wide. Not really an issue as long as I can put an outer zip on next time. And because I messed up the outer sizing, I've caught my label up in the seams. Doh!

Problem 4) This just shows how the outside is not big enough to envelop the inside! And that I needed to use fusible or compressed fleece rather than just standard interfacing. 

I was going to put a phone pocket on the outside but frankly I'd had enough at this point so just finished up!

This just shows that I got one thing right - you can fit folded A4 in there!

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