Friday, 4 March 2016

Hatmaking: Workshop at the V&A with Bink Pearls and Swine

So I'm not and never will be a milliner, but I adore Binks creations and as soon as I received the email informing us that she was holding a workshop at the V&A, I bought a ticket. Immediately. Which is just as well as it sold out shortly afterwards. As did the extra day they put on. Fast forward several months, and it was time to go! Due to rail replacement services I had to drive to the next town rather than just hop on at Huntingdon, but I was at Kings Cross by quarter past 9, plenty of time to nip to Wasabi to buy some sushi for lunch, then make my way to South Kensington to the V&A.

The only thing that irked me about the whole day - I did not have time to have a mooch around the V&A. Theres a shoe exhibition on right now that I really wanted to see. Alas, not enough hours in the day, which is a fairly common whinge from me!

I chose the pink ship for some reason (my head was shouting 'gold, gold' but my mouth said 'pink')

We started off by sewing on ivy leaves, then picked our flowers. I went with a pink tinged white rose and just carried on from there. 

The workshop was so much fun and I got to meet a whole hoard of lovely ladies. 

So many beautiful creations.

Honestly it was such a lot of fun and I'll definitely do this again. 

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