Friday, 4 March 2016

Getting Fit: 8 week transformation photos

I think the term 'transformation' may be a bit, um, excessive in my case. I have used the most unflattering pictures, both before and after, because this is what I look like when I hit the gym. But I'm sweatier there.

I'm not looking to be a size 10. At the end of last year though, I was feeling so sluggish and generally unwell that I thought I should probably do something about it sharpish. I was living on ready meals, and drinking a glass of wine every day and not even vaguely monitoring my consumption. I certainly wasn't doing any exercise.

So just around the corner from me is a gym. It looks like this:

A fair few of my friends and acquaintances go, because its handy. In fact one of the instructors sons is in Joeys class.

What I signed up to was three sessions a week of my choice, plus nutritional guidance i.e a complete overhaul of what I was eating - essentially tracking my intake based on 'macros' or in laymans terms, the percentages of carbs, protein and fats that you consume. I also had to drop the dairy, and up the greens. No bread. Minimal carbs in general.

I thought I'd have dropped a size in two months, however I haven't. What has happened is that I've toned up a bit, and improved my eating considerably. My knees are still bad (I have osteoarthritis) and I was hoping to drop some weight as this is the only way to take the pressure off them, but unfortunately I've hardly dropped any.
However. My waist is smaller. I have less back fat ( I forgot to take back pics sorry) I can do a vague approximation of a situp  (as opposed to flailing around like a beached whale whilst failing to move my top half from the floor) And I'm lighter of purse by £79 a month :)

Side view. I can see my tummy has shrunk a bit. Possibly a bit off the backside too.

Front view. My waist goes in a bit more. My legs - I think they look the same. 

When I get my measurements next week, I'll add any changes here.

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