Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Plus sized fashion - what I bought in the sales

Actually I have been very restrained this year. I have gotten so big as to be uncomfortable, and therefore haven't purchased that much.

I also didn't get this one in the sales but it was so cute and only £12. Hard to tell, but its a festive tunic, with skaters and suchlike. I saw it on a friend and had to have it. The problem with Tu @Sainsburys is the sizing is all over the place. The top I'm wearing today is a 14, however the one in the pic below is a 20 (I probably could have gotten away with an 18 but they didn't have any left)

Collectif penny £12

Seriously. I had to didn't I - for that price? This is an 18. I doubt I'll wear it unless I get some tummy off though, and the neckline is supposed to be crossover but I find that unbearable, so I'd wear it halter style like this.

Lindy Bop Adriei - £23.99

I really love this dress, although its currently too tight on the bust (Lindy Bop also have very random sizing and usually I'd have more issues with the waist rather than the bust as I'm an apple shape - this is an 18) I like the simplicity of this. It has lovely shaping around the bust area and very stretchy fabric. I anticipate 8 weeks of the gym will allow this to fit properly!

Scarlett and Jo Black floral dress (from Evans £22)

This is so pretty. I have to size down in S&J so this is a 16. The sweetheart neckline is a little low for my liking and I'm not that well endowed so there's no cleavage to show off.  However, I love it, I like the longer length. I kept it. 

Scarlett and Jo Black keyhole tunic (from Evans £20)

I really wasn't sure if this is meant to be a top or a dress. I'd never wear this as a dress as I cannot bear getting my legs out, but I might wear it with leggings. I ummed and ahhed about this, then decided to return it. Its nice, but not nice enough.

Scarlett and Jo Black keyhole dress (from Evans £20)

I really didn't consider keeping this. I think because I tried it on after the floral dress and it felt too short. I'm not sure why I'm not keen otherwise, as the bodice is a lovely shape. I think there's something about the colour I just don't agree with. Can't explain that...

I didn't buy these. My youngest bought them for me (ok, he asked daddy to buy them) Gold sparkly with pompoms. What more could a mother want?!!

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