Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Bagmaking: The January Bag of the Month 2016 - the Backgammon bag Betz White

Its that time of year again. Bag of the Month club is basically a subscription service in which you pay a set amount for 6 patterns from 6 designers which will remain unavailable to the general public. Its a very social event for us bagmakers (online social that is!) and there are prizes available. 
For the next 5 months I shall be attempting to get these bags completed before the next pattern is released ( I didn't manage it last year - there are 2 I still haven't sewn - so this is my challenge)

I completed my January Bag with time to spare. This is called the Backgammon bag for obvious reasons. The designer for January is Betz White (who also designed a bag for last years BOTM club - which is one of the ones I managed to make)

The pattern actually states you can have pockets front and back, but I only had a fat quarter of the Robert Kaufman retro bulbs fabric which was what I based the bag around. Therefore it has one pocket on the front. 

The green fabric I got half price from John Lewis - I assumed it would be quite thick and solid, but actually, its fairly thin and has 4 way stretch. Which foxed me a bit. 
I made some piping with it as I felt the flap and the top of the pocket needed to look a bit neater. 
The front pocket is secured with a magnetic snap.
There is also a zipped inner pocket.

Overall, I'm very happy with this bag. It comes together very quickly and has a nice shape to it. Its a good size for an every day handbag. The front pocket for me is where I'd plonk my phone - I think a fair few folk have chosen to split it into two compartments but I left mine alone. I think it has quite a retro look.

Itsy Yellow Check (Makower)
Lining and flap

Boiled wool in Forest green from John Lewis
Outer, strap.

Aunties Attic Olive retro bulbs canvas (Robert Kaufman)

Contrast, Inner Pocket, Flap and Strap

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