Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Bagmaking: Things I have made

In all honestly I'm struggling to remember anything at the moment, let alone things I have made. So I shall post what I recall and I'm sure the rest will come to me!

Christmas presents:

This was a request from my mother in law. She chose the Cath Kidston fabric, and told me the shape and handles she wanted, I just winged it from there. I didn't use a pattern - the only vaguely complicated bit was making a zipped gusset.

This was for my mum. Its the free retreat bag pattern from Emmaline bags, and uses a wire frame to hold the bag open. Its fairly sturdy. The flowerpots are because she is gardener extraordinaire. The external fabric is a cotton linen japanese mix from http://www.tsukinolapin.com/

This was for my sister. She likes elephants (well she did, a long time ago. I was kind of hoping she still does!) Self drafted.

This was for my friend Tanja, whose housewarming I attended yesterday. She likes fairytale stuff. The pattern is from Clobird, and its called Fiona.

And a commission:

The pattern was free, but I made it into a backpack instead of a handbag

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  1. You were so busy, I don't know how you found the time to make all these - they are all great !