Saturday, 24 January 2015

Time I caught up - bags and more bags!

Its been a while since I posted. I've been so busy sewing you see! So this post is all about the bags.

First up - the camera bag. This is self designed as I just wanted something to fit my new camera. Its lined with soft and stable for padding, and the external fabric is a laminated cotton. I added a little pocket for the usb cable. It doesnt has straps as its just for storage - you can carry it about using the the camera strap, or attach a separate strap.
(which I didn't make, because I didn't need to, but I could do!

Next up. The telephone crossbody. I need to sort out my camera settings as the colours of this make it look garish but it just isn't. 

Thirdly, the very British satchel. A classic style with a very English theme. 

And finally... the Vintage panda. This is for me. It is our 10th Wedding anniversary tomorrow and we're going out tonight and this is coming with me. It took me a long time. There was much swearing. Vinyl is a bu**er to sew with, especially on a non-industrial machine. I persevered because I knew in my head that it would look just right when finished. I used the Vivian pattern from swoon with strap modification. 

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