Monday, 6 October 2014

Washi Dress Completed! Dress Fitting at Voodoo Vixen. Irregular Choice earrings.

I finished the Washi Dress! Only several years after the rest of the sewing population have made it. I got there!
I bought the downloadable version. In hindsight this was a mistake. The only shop that sells it near me is backstitch, which really isn't that close by (and free time is scarce) , so, even knowing how much I hate putting together download pattern sheets, I went ahead anyway.

That was a mistake. I should have just gone and bought it. It uses a lot of ink (and ink is outrageously expensive) As usual, I detested the process of having to tape it all together, which was magnified by the fact I had to grade it up a size. 

Anyway, cut to the chase. Having constructed a pattern, I just went ahead and cut it out (also I bit I hate, but it was relatively quick) I used this pretty fabric I bought ages ago from Grace and Favour. 
This is the first time I've done shirring, and I didn't find it too taxing, although some of it is woefully wonky. I went with just a standard round neck and cap sleeves. Not sure about the sleeves - they are kind of wierd. I think I'd prefer a slight puff sleeve set in a little closer to the neckline. However, they are fine. I was very good and used binding as it suggests in the pattern. 

The blue band was an afterthought. If I'd thought of it beforehand, it would have been piped. I couldn't face unpicking the waistband though so I just folded the binding plonked it on the front.
I just felt that the dress was a bit Meh without a belt, but a belt doesnt really work with an empire line.

I was shockingly lax with this I have to say. I made no muslin, did no fittings - just bombed ahead with it, and I was very very lucky that it fits. The blue stripe sort of 'lifts' it.

See what you think anyway. I really love the pattern, and I will make it again. Its really comfy and can be dressed up or down. Love the pockets. Love that its a quick sew.

In other news, I popped back to Voodoo Vixen on Friday to be fitted for their latest plus size dress range. Some gorgeous frocks which will now be returned to China for a few modifications. How cute is this tartan number?!

Did a bit of mooching around London afterwards. Stumbled upon Choccywoccydoodah. How astonishing are their cakes?


Also popped into Liberty. Its halloween soon, and they have the 'loveliest' range of stuff available. I think this is lemon curd - however it is not labelled so...

Also ended up in Irregular Choice. I love their shoes, but I can't wear them as the ones I like are too high and I have a dodgy toe. I did buy some earrings though. Melons, Pandas on a tyre swing, and deers.

In other exciting news - this morning I bought an overlocker!
I knew they were coming into Lidl today, and my mum has given me money towards it bless her heart, so I went in before work. There was just the one solitary box calling to me. It is now mine :) 

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