Friday, 17 October 2014

In which I actually get a bag finished! Its another Queen Bee. And this time it fits the frame!

I don't know what I did last time, but at some point I really messed up my attempt at the U-Handbag Queen bee, and had to patch over the bits that just didn't fit in the frame (see evidence at the bottom of the page. I also completely forgot to add binding. I still liked it, because I love that Viva Frida fabric, but I wasn't happy. )

This time, I got it right. I don't really know what I did differently as I followed the instructions like last time. I must have messed up on seam allowances or something last time.

This is my 'Shopping for Shoes' bag. I've had this fabric in my stash a while - I bought it at an actual fabric shop which is rare - Fabritastic had an opening night event and this Shoe fabric is one of the yards I bought.

I wanted to embellish one of the 'frames' so I added on a few sequins and beads and some bronze roses to the peeptoe shoes. Its quite hard to see the details in my shots, but believe me they are there!

I also felt I should add a little 'fancy' hence the bow and brooch. This is on a clip so can be removed. 

Lots of shoes on the rear. I used gold satin bias binding to use for piping. It was a b&*tard to sew. I made the right choice adding it, but boy I wish I'd found some ready made flanged piping. 

The inner fabric I bought on sale online. Somewhere. I don't remember. Its bleeding hearts but I think It complements the colours of the shoe fabric very well. I will use this combination again.

Leetle purse feet. 

And below: the bag that failed to fit the frame. Artfully concealed with bits of lace LOL!


  1. Lovely. Have never made a frame purse.

    1. Thank you. I find them quite tricky but now andthen I get the urge to make one!

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