Friday, 31 October 2014

oh yes - I made a yoked blouse... AND BOUGHT AN OVERLOCKER

At the beginning of October, I recieved an email asking if I wanted to be part of a pattern test for
Of course I said yes because its not like I have a million and one other things on my to-do list or anything!
The pattern was still in basic format, so I took on the challenge.

I found it pretty simple to sew up even with limited instructions. There were no photos, but Erin forwarded some lovely little sketches to give us an idea of what we were aiming for. I went for flutter sleeve as I had some chiffony fabric I bought recently (I can't remember where)

I also thought I'd use THIS:

Yes, Lidl came good. £129 of singer goodness. I bl**dy love this thing. So happy I went for it this year. (I held back last year) I was in that shop at 8.28am on the morning it went on sale. Good job too as they only had one in stock. I also bought most of their overlocker thread whilst I was there, as it was £4 for 4 which is cheaper than I can get on ebay.

Blouse construction went well. I had absolutely no issues to report back. The flutter sleeves were the right choice although I did have a bit of wonky sewing at the shoulder which was entirely my fault for being slapdash.

I did grade this up one size to make it fit - its based on upper bust and I did not want it to be tight. It was really easy to size it up as I just used the gradings for the previous size for measurements. 

I did make a big old bow brooch to try and cover the wonky stitches!

Here it is on. Doesn't look so bad in the selfie, but it absolutely does not look good on my size 18-20 frame. I also tried to belt it, but that made me look matronly. Which is a shame. Because I think its very cute.