Thursday, 15 May 2014

Flora Sewalong - Part 2 - the Sundae Best dress

So, in a nutshell: Dress Success (yey!) bag, fail (boo!)

Actually the bag will be fine once I actually buy the correct frame for it. I had it all glued up before I realised that what I thought was a 6" frame was actually 8" and therefore didn't fit. What a flipping numpty!
So you will see a finished bag at some point, but not today folks!

The Dress.
Well its done. I was up very late last night sewing, then dashed back from work this afternoon to finish it before school pickup.

It came together really well actually. Apart from the zip which frankly was a bit of a nightmare. I knew my invisible zipper foot wasn't going to arrive on time so I just went ahead and did it with a normal zipper foot. I must have pinned and repinned and basted and rebasted about 7 or 8 times, but I got it in eventually!

This is the dress on my form, Kirstie. She normally wears a black t-shirt, which covers the padded bra and towels I used to pad her out into my shape!
Inside out dress pinned lining around waist.

Pinned and ready to sew lining

 Once I'd finished the lining, I did the hem pronto - and here is the finished result!
I took Kirsties t-shirt off for these shots, so its a little bit saggy without the tummy padding

And here we have a bit of posing in the mirror. Admittedly not the best shots - my house and mirror aren't really the best photography studio - and I'm no photographer!

I did have a bit of an issue at this point - I am unable to zip my dress up myself! I have about 3 inches at the top I just can't reach. I had to ask my son to do it after I collected him from school!

After school and nursery pickup, I took them to our local coffee shop, Serendipity. I did wear my new frock, however I am too modest to go bare legged outdoors, so my trusty leggings went on!

The decor in Serendipity matches my frock! The waitress also gave me a compliment on my dress which was marvellous.

Noah and Moi

Joey and Moi

 And back home for a garden shot courtesy of Joey!

Overall I'm really happy with this and I think I will make it again. It reminds me a bit of a dolly clackett make. I'f I'd have gotten my finger out I could have entered it into her sew along, but I'm a bout 3 weeks too late for that. Oh well. I got there in the end :)

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  1. I love it! I mean to become bold and daring and sew something out of novelty fabrics someday, too! Seriously, the dress is adorable and looks like dynamite on you :)