Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Bag Time. Again!

Back in October, U-handbag introduced the Queen Bee bag, which I instantly loved. I must have been one of the first to download the pattern, and I started cutting out the fabric (this gorgeous Frida Kahlo pattern) immediately. 

Then I started getting inundated with orders. My Queen Bee Frida ended up on the back burner. 
And its not until this week that I finally decided b*gger it I'm finishing that bag. 
So I did.

Unfortunately, I messed up the corners. I don't know what happened, but the shape was wrong and my fabric didn't reach the frame. This is why there are lace inserts in each corner of the external bag, and fabric inserts on each internal corner. Gutted that I made this mistake, but still love the bag, and decided I was going to keep it. 

I visited my mum on Saturday (sans children and hubby). She lives 3 hours up the A1 (if I really bomb it up there) and I arrived mid afternoon. We went out for a lovely meal with my sister to celebrate my mums 70th (she doesn't look or act anywhere near 70!) The cake was not made by me. I decided a long time ago I don't have time for cake decorating :)

On Sunday, I got some bargains at Sedgefield car boot sale, and Maxey let me have free run of her sewing room. She is a generous lady and has a vast stash of fabric and wool. I was quite restrained I thought and only took a small selection of fabrics. She also donated a lovely wooden sewing box she found at the tip. Noah has since tried to comandeer it, but he's not having it!

Whilst at the car boot sale, Maxeys friend Jill was admiring my Queen Bee. Quite a bit. 'Lynn sells bags' says my mum. 'Oh, are you selling that one?' Jill asks. Umm. Ok.
So I sold her my handbag right there and then (after transferring the contents to my mums bag LOL)

I shall have to make another, and get it right this time!

This is my haul. I also got a min-iron from Aldi which was on sale - I've been after one for ages for my bag-making but £7 was a bargain!

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