Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Flora Sewalong - Part 1 - the Sundae Best dress

I finally managed to get going on my Flora dress. I've been following the sewalong, and I knew as soon as I saw the pattern, which fabric I wanted to use. I've had this perky ice-cream sundae fabric sitting in my stash for a while and I just KNEW there would be enough fabric. I started cutting out my pattern without checking. Duh!

I went for Variation 2, which is more 'modest' in the front department. I haven't got any frocks with this style bodice so I thought I'd give it a try. I don't really like drop hems so I'm using the Variation 1 skirt. I would have made it a bit longer, but I just don't have enough fabric! If I'm feeling a bit too exposed I may add a bottom border later - maybe a bit of broderie anglaise or something.

Luckily I didn't need to make any modifications for bust, but I did shorten the body as I am shortwaisted and also 'blessed' with a large tummy and I don't like the waistline sitting on my larger bits. As a plus size lady I used the largest size available on the pattern.


So I laid out my pattern all nicely, and started to cut thinking 'yey go me I've got just the right amount of fabric'. Then I realised. I'd put the back piece on the fold instead of the front. I quickly swapped them around, but this minor change meant that I could no longer fit my front and back bodice pieces side by side. Gaaaahh!!

Just before I realised I'd laid my pattern pieces wrong - thats the back piece on the fold when it should be the front piece!

I have learned a lessson from this. Well a couple. Mark your pattern pieces more clearly ( I just used a biro on the skirt pieces as I'd lost my black marker at this point - small children and pens - harumph!) and check you have enough fabric before you start rather than just crossing your fingers!

Pattern cut out and darts sewn up, awaiting ironing
 Anyway, after those hiccups I was away. Bodice darts done, lining attached to main fabric. It went together nicely.

Quick body shot of bodice fitting:

Then it was time to sew up the skirt panels. The darts were easy to understand and I sewed it up nice and swiftly. I did buy some seam binding earlier this week, but I'm impatient and it hasn't arrived yet (I buy most things online as we are lacking in local haberdasheries/fabric shops), so I did this instead ( I think its called a 'turned single hem'):

Again the pattern doesn't really match at the seams. It was too tricky to even consider, so I didn't. As stated previously, I didn't have enough fabric to do anything other than manage to fit each pattern piece on there. 

This scrunched up piece is my skirt ready for ironing then attaching to bodice!

In my head, this dress needs a Sundae Best Bag to match, and I knew that the U-Handbag Baguette clutch was the one. I always wanted to use my ice cream fabric for this, but I didn't want to cut into the fabric until I'd used it for a dress or something. 
Well I've done that now, and there is enough remnants to make me a Baguette. I also handily have the correct frame awaiting usage.
How I will fit this in before Friday 16th I don't know, but my invisible zipper foot hasn't arrived yet meaning my dress is on hold, so I might be able to get it cut out this evening. 

Please please let my zipper foot arrive by tommorrow though :)

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