Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Catchup on Social and Family!

Its been a while. So I'll do two posts. This one is a summary of what we've been up to without mention of me crafting!

First up - end of October was Sashas Hen do.
Michael Jackson Tribute Night +Wyboston Lakes 

It was a good laugh, even though the food was pretty bad. They ran out of potato (who runs out of potato?!!) So gave me extra aubergine. Lucky me. 

When we complained, they gave us luminous green risotto to go with our beef instead. Mmmm....

I did get to wear my Hell Bunny pansy dress which was originally meant for mother in laws wedding though :) Bit tight on me (not the dresses fault) and I had to sew the straps down because for some reason they fasten at the back with buttons. That's a disaster just waiting to happen

Just a garden centre shot. Cos I like it.

There was an overnight trip to Bewilderwood at half term...

...followed next day by a visit to Norwich Castle

There was a Halloween Party @Houghton Mill 

With a walk by lantern light (or disco-ball-on-a-stick in Noahs case)

There was a Halloween Party at the Comrades Club - almost missed it as I thought it was on the Saturday when in fact it was on the Friday. Found out half an hour before it started. 

I still won best dress adult though, simply by putting this frock on (bought on sale in Sainsburys in Norwich the day before)

We had an afternoon at Nene Park in Peterborough...

...and another trip to the garden centre

It was my 'babys' 6th birthday. He had a bouncy castle party for all heroes and princesses.

My Captain America (yes I forgot his costume for his own party - daddy had to dash home and retrieve it)

He got a lovely shiny keyboard...

...and a beautiful red haired doll (complete with Anna outfit I bought from China)

I can't believe my lovely boy is six already :)

We visited the Cambridge science centre. Joey looks good in a space helmet - no?

I only bought ONE dress in the sales (and it wasn't on sale) This is Lindy Bop. I wanted to go festive for the upcoming Christmas Market

And most recently, we visited @Wimpole Hall where they are currently doing lots of lovely christmas activites. (Its free for National Trust members, which we are)

The boys put on a light puppet show

Made pomanders and lavender bags

Decorated gingerbread shapes

had a wander to the walled garden, past huge christmas trees

then had a massive tantrum because the hot chocolate was finished and the crafty cottage shut as we arrived too late. We won't go into that...

Finally - it was decoration day at school last Friday. They all wear festive jumpers and make decorations all day. The parents are allowed to come in and help

And our tree

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