Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Bagmaking: The Evelyn (Swoon)

So, the last post I wrote has only just gone up - because I forgot to actually publish it! 

In it I described how I was trawling the Handmade fair with Tanja to find a fabric that would be the lining for my Evelyn bag. It was really flipping difficult. I kept producing my swatch in hope but failing to find the ONE.

I chose this bag pattern ages ago to go with the Fringe Flowers Mari fabric from Michael Miller. Its a large print so needed a large bag to set it off (bag comes in two sizes - I normally start with small but this time I went straight for big!) 

My search came to and end at the Eternal Maker. I bought two fabrics as I wasn't sure which would be best, but in the end I went for the more subtle mustard. Both the main and contrast (black) have these sketchy lines running through them as well. The pink is from the same set, the mustard isn't (but is probably from the same set as the black - I'm really bad at keeping track of names - it could be timeless treasures, but then it might not be)

so without further ado...

Ta Da

My favourite Swoon so far.

Next time, I should probably take the fabric requirements with me, as I ran out of the mustard so had to piece it together. I'm sure no-one will notice ;)

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