Friday, 5 June 2015

Plus Size Fashion: Sainsburys Tu - hit and miss

Supermarket shopping. I've said it before and I've said it again - they have some true gems. (Lets just return to this George +Asda baby - which after I'd cut out all the nasty hot lining is perfecto)

However, the sizing is all over the place.

I've found F&F @Tesco to be the most consistent. I'm an 18 in Tesco and that's that.

In Asda I'm more of a 16 (yeah, right) and in Sainsburys, who knows?!

I'm not going to show you me dressed in all the Sainsburys outfits today as due to an online order cockup I just need to get them returned and my money back.

All clothing was bought in a size 18 unless otherwise stated.

I shall therefore show you what I'm keeping. Which is this dress:

Its a pretty floral with wide straps (yey) and shirred elastic all the way around the bodice, meaning it fits nicely. It has a very light underskirt so its not too hot to wear. Which is necessary for a summer dress!

This fits just right. There are lots left in my local store, however it seems to have vanished online for the moment. 

This little gingham number one didn't do it for me and it made me a bit sad. It looks so cute in the pics, all retro and checky, but the waist fit me and the bust was too tight. That NEVER happens. I have a proportionately big waist. It just looks all wrong on me. Kind of billowy and ill-fitting. Return.

Then there's this one. Actually if this were a top I would keep it. I bought both the 16 and the 18 and didn't bother trying the larger one on as the 16 was perfect. As a dress though, its just a bit wierd and shapeless and I'm not sure I'd wear it. If I find it in the sale, for maybe half price, I might buy it and chop off the bottom. Return.

The tattoo dress. So cute on paper. So tight on wearing. There is no shirring on this one, and the straps were too tight as was the bodice in general. I could have gotten away with it, but honestly if its not comfy then I'm not going there. Its pretty, but in the flesh its kind of meh. These colours do nothing for me. Return

Then there's the skirt. Finally. FINALLY I get my hands on this skirt, and its awful on. In spite of being an 18, it was several inches too large at the waist (and my waist is 38 inches at the moment - what size do they think an 18 is?!!)

The length is terrible on me. Sort of mid knee. Totally wrong. There are pockets, which is good, but they sit badly. It was the least flattering thing I've tried on in a while. And I've been trying on jumpsuits, so that saying something. I suppose I should be grateful I didn't spend extra money! RETURN!

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