Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bagmaking: The Manhattan Mamma

This is a bag of the month pattern, due for general release tomorrow from Emmaline Bags.

As soon as I saw it, I knew the fabric I wanted to use. This harbour scene from Makower.

Teamed with this Essex Yarn in nautical, and a busy bit of chevron for the inside.

This is such a lovely pattern.  There is something very aesthetically pleasing about the curve of the flap and the sides from the curved dart. I love the contrast panel at the front with its pocket, and the big zip pocket at the back. (There is piping on the panel, but you can't really see it here)

Mostly I love the fact that the flap opens to reveal another stash space!
You can make a zipper case or eyeglasses case to velcro in here, but I chose not to. (ok, I ran out of fabric - these things happen when you have the fabric before the pattern)

There is a slot pocket on the inside as well, and plenty of room inside the lightly padded body.

Overall, top marks for this pattern which is comprehensive and easy to follow. If I didn't have a massive list of 'to-do's then I'd make another immediately!