Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bagmaking: Mermaid Maisie - Swoon Patterns

So this is my Maisie. She was one of the 'blood, sweat, tears' variety.
I had the 'Drift Away' fabric at the ready for this bag. I'd been hoping to get the mermaids with the blue background, but some things are just impossible to get hold of when you want them in the UK, so I settled for this beigey background.

I used linen for the contrast. The piping and zips actually looked like they matched when I did this. They clearly don't in the picture. You'll have to ovelook that. My dining room is very dark and in hindsight I should have double checked the match in daylight.

I started cutting this bag out at bag camp. After a few too many. This was a gross mistake. When I got home I realised I hadn't cut out the contrasting linen panels for the back, and I'd run out of this particular linen - and so had every shop in the UK apparently.

I tried to get hold of some similar, but it didn't cut the mustard, so I worked with what I had. I'd already cut out a strap, so I used part of that to make those panels. They aren't cut on the grainline, and they didn't exactly have the correct amount of seam allowance, but honestly I don't think anyone will notice unless I point it out.

See how different those greens are - how could I ever have thought they were similar?!!

I love the bright lining. Its like when you open the bag - the sun comes out!

So the hardest bit could have been anticipated - this bag uses foam on both sides and stabiliser on the bottom. Trying to sew smallish curves with those factors - well lets just say it took a lot of passes. 

I'm pretty happy with the result though. Love a Swoon :)

Hardware from Emmaline Bags
Zips from Jaycotts
Drift Away fabrics and Kaufman Brussels washer linen in Charcoal from Billow Fabrics
Piping from Sew Hot

Outer Fabric

Pocket Fabric

Lining fabric

Strap and contrast fabric

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