Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Weddings, Holidays, and a new School Year

Just that really. I had a last minute change of mind about what I was wearing to my mother in laws wedding, and instead went with this: collectif atomic flamingo dolores dress, my MohedaToffeln clogs, a cheapo shrug from ebay, and the bag I won from the British Belles/Audrey Stars Boutique competition. apparently the feedback from the guests was that I looked 'exotic'. Thats fine by me :)

We visited grandma on the morning of her wedding:

This makes me laugh because Noah had fallen in the river 10 minutes beforehand, so he has one bare foot in the photos as he refused to keep his shoe on! The twins on the left are their brand new cousins and the man at the back is Richard, my step-father in law.

 One for the family album. Noah is looking thoroughly fed up in this! 

We went to Menorca:

I made the beach bag below just before we went, with some glittery vinyl from Dunelm Mill. The bag fits EVERYthing in it. Unfortunately it also shed glitter all over the place!

View from our apartment

Cheesy grins on the glass bottomed boat

Wearing my other collectif flamingo dress

View of the fort 



And last but not least, school started the day after we returned from Spain:

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