Friday, 31 July 2015

A sweet makeup case for teacher, what we did on our holidays and win win wins!!!

Unfortunately I'm not getting much done at the moment. 

Its the school holidays, which of course means I'm either at work, or looking after mine, and possibly other peoples children. I cannot do ANYTHING with children in the house, as I'm either cleaning up their mess, cooking their food, pumping up paddling pools or similar, or responding to 'muuuuuuum' or 'Lyynnnnnnn' followed by 'can I have this/Joeys hitting me/its my turn on the tablet/can you help me with this' and so on...

Anyway. I did get a superquick makeup bag made for Joeys teacher who has been great with him this year. These are so quick and easy and look much more professional if you box the corners. 

My mum sent me the external fabric which has a linen feel. The lining came from Japan (I had an etsy spree). The 'handmade' zip pull is from Emmaline Bags (also available from Bobbin Girl in the UK)

In other news, we've done our best with the british weather. Some days were good - like when the Huntingdon churches laid on this beach in the town centre, as well as free entertainment and food. It was very windy, but the sun came out.

We have of course, been to the woods. Hinchingbrooke Park is always a good option for kids.

They have cheap inflatables and fun stuff outside the garden centre too. 5 quid for endless bouncy castles, trampolines, and boating? ok then.

There was of course our camping holiday last weekend in Norfolk, which we cut short, because it rained endlessly.
Made more bearable because of a) the outdoor pool right next to our tent which the kids loved even though it wasn't that warm and b) being able to meet up with my lovely friends Anna and Nic and their spouses and children - I still have no plans to attempt camping again any time soon. 
Give me a hotel room any day :)

vintage tea room in Swaffham

Dressing like an Egyptian in Swaffham museum


In the tent. 

Little Egyptians

Oh and I nearly forgot - I've been winning some prizes lately too!!
I sadly didn't get to go to the British Belles picnic in the park, but I did win this lovely combo in their raffle:

The Bag of the Month prize winners have been selected.
Sadly I didn't win any of the prizes over the 6 months - although my vinyl companion bag was a finalist for the January prize - see…/2015-finalists-bag-o….

However, I did randomly win a prize for my small companion…/1630776…/in/pool-bagofthemonthclub/  which was a $50 gift certificate for (guess what they sell?!!) - which is a huge yey (as long as the delivery, customs and handling fees aren't larger than that LOL)

Well done to all the winners. Go have a look in the album at everyones entries:

Finally, I  won a bundle of beautiful fabric from the Sewing Directory!!

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  1. You've been busy Lynn and congratulations on your prize wins.

    Thanks also for mentioning the Bobbin Girl Shop, your readers will can get 10% off their order by quoting BB2014 at checkout