Monday, 17 February 2014

Plus Size Modelling, Fish Tails and driving big trucks...

So,the first news I have is that I was chosen as one of Voodoo Vixens  new plus size models (they needed a 2XL, a 3XL (Helen) and a 4XL (Sarah) This was kind of a surprise but great news! I headed into London to do some fittings on the last Wednesday of January. The day when it peed down constantly for the entire day. 
 I was half an hour late because I went to Commerical Street instead of Commerical Road (the lovely policeman pointed me in that particular wrong direction) but I got there in the end. We spent some time chatting to the staff and trying on the sample dresses. This is the only picture of me doing fittings, which is a lovely back view!
When they've had the samples modified, the collection will be created, and we'll go back for a photoshoot. Exciting no?!

This is Noah in his mermaid tailed. He nagged and nagged me to make one, but refused feet holes, so he shuffles about the house in it and has to be carried up for a bath!
I got a new phone - finally - one that works and everything, so made me a little case for it, which I promptly botched and had to cover up with lace ribbon to hide the mess...

And I finally finished the peacock fan dress (Vogue 2903), and matching (reversible) bag just in time for the Neon Moon Ball! My plan was to wear the corset, but I actually prefer the dress without and the corset was so uncomfortable I ditched it in the hotel room.

Noah would have loved Neon Moon. There were mermaids and everything.  Bit young though!

Finally, I have signed up for the ladies driving challenge in May. I'm trying to raise sponsorhip for the firefighters charity. Should be lots of fun!

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